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July 22, 2024
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Environmental Crimes:  Fiscal Year 2018; Case ID# CR_3051 (Louisiana)
The following summarizes one of sixty-seven Clean Water Act Prosecutions in Louisiana since 1990

Boss directs employees empty industrial cesspool into canal leading to Vermilion River

A 52-year old New Orleans resident charged with knowing violation of the Clean Water Act plead guilty in federal district court to ordering employees to unlawfully discharge contaminated industrial wastewater into water of the state.

The defendant in this case was a supervisor at a fish processing plant in Abbeville. The company was also charged and sentenced to fines and restitution of $1.2 million for this incident.
The business generates contaminated wastewater during the processing of fish packaged as a protein supplement. Rather than pre-treating the industrial process water for proper disposal as required in the company discharge permit, the defendant ordered employees to use a hose to run the contents of the holding pond into a nearby canal.

The federal judge sentenced the defendant to 2 years of probation and a federal fine.

Federal fine: $25,000; Probation: 24 months

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