April 14, 2024
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WT Staff

Walnut Bayou Water Association

BWA in Tallulah

Thursday, March 14, 2024 309 pm CDT

Drinking Water Advisories
Madison Parish: Walnut Bayou Water Association issued a BWA on March 12 impacting customers on Barnes Crossing Rd, Copes Rd, Oakwood Rd, Sam Vilardo Rd, Eaker Dr, Williamson Dr, 250 888 & 910 Hwy 80 East Byson Rd Sammie Lane Puckett Dr, Jost Lane, Renfrow Green Rd, Crescent Plantation Dr, 100 & 103 Caroline St, Merle Gustafson Rd, Scott Airport Rd, 2000 Crothers Dr, 116-1022 Hwy 602 & 589 Gulf South Compressor Rd in Tallulah.

Drinking Water Facility Profile: Walnut Bayou Water Association

EPA Status: Enforcement Priority
Owner: private
Location: Tallulah, LA
Parish: Madison
Active Permit: LA1065004
System Type: community water system
Population Served: 3531
Source: groundwater

Contact: Charles Robertson tel 318-574-2463

Latest Compliance Inspection: Sanitary survey, complete December 1, 2022 (State)
No deficiencies noted or recommendations made

The following information gathered from federal EPA pertains to the quarter ending September 30, 2023 (data last refreshed on EPA database Jan 9, 2024)

Non-compliant inspections

(of the previous 12 quarters)

with Significant Violations

(of the previous 12 quarters)


Enforcement Actions

(last 5 yrs)


Enforcement Actions

(last 5 years)

0 out of 12

0 out of 12



No violations:

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EPA publishes violation and enforcement data quarterly, based on the inspection reports of the previous quarter. Water systems, states and EPA take up to three months to verify this data is accurate and complete. Specific questions about your local water supply should be directed to the facility.
The EPA safe drinking water facilities data available to the public presents what is known to the government based upon the most recently available information for more than one million regulated facilities. EPA and states inspect a percentage of facilities each year, but many facilities, particularly smaller ones, may not have received a recent inspection. It is possible that facilities do have violations that have not yet been discovered, thus are shown as compliant in the system.
EPA cannot positively state that facilities without violations shown in ECHO are necessarily fully compliant with environmental laws. Additionally, some violations at smaller facilities do not need to be reported from the states to EPA. If ECHO shows a recent inspection and the facility is shown with no violations identified, users of the ECHO site can be more confident that the facility is in compliance with federal programs.
The compliance status of smaller facilities that have not had recent inspections or review by EPA or the states may be unknown or only available via state data systems.
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